Christina Montana
Animal Communicator
Shamanic Healing & Animals in Spirit
In Memoriam

Milos  2005 - 24 June 2013

"Milos was really a dog in cat's clothing. He was outgoing, loved people, and especially liked visiting my neighbor Richard (who's 90) next door to partake of the catnip that he grew in his garden especially for Milos. This Spring the catnip had a really poor start and was sparse so Milos would go to the gate and look up as if to say 'Is THAT all there is?' Richard then grew some in the greenhouse and transplanted it when the weather got warmer so that Milos would have a large bed of it to lie in. Unfortunately, Milos died suddenly on June 24th . . . he was 8 years old. Although I have 4 other cats, Milos was truly unique and there really isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him. In the meantime, the catnip has blossomed to a width the size of a table as if in memorial to Milos."  -- Tami  

Chablis (L)  14 February 2003 - 10 October 2013

"You were such a trooper during this last year. You have left a big hole in our existence. I am so proud of you -- how you adapted to your cart and enjoyed the little walks in the park and down the street and even learned to swim. It comforts me to know that you are with Chianti again. Together you can run and play freely in the agility field above. Scaia and I thank you so much for a beautiful life in your company. You will be in our hearts forever. Sweet dreams my Blisje, rest in peace. We miss you my love."  -- Winnie and Scaia


Chianti (R)  10 March 1999 - 8 August 2009

"Chianti was my once-in-a-lifetime Boxer, and it was difficult to let her go. She was the best sister to Chablis although she wasn't too thrilled in the beginning and tried to lose her in the park. I have great memories of Chianti's antics and accomplishments at trials, Ontario Regional's and National's. Our greatest triumph was to be in the Finale of the Steeplechase in Milton in 2007 and having the crowd screaming our names over the blasting music. We went for it and placed 2nd, not a bad showing for a Boxer who some thought did not belong in the sport. Chablis and I take great comfort in the memories we have of our sister and our soul mate. She will be in our hearts forever, and we miss her so much." -- Winnie and Chablis



Twila   2004 - 2012 

"Twila’s time to cross over came very suddenly, tragically unexpectedly. I had always been blindly convinced that she was immune to any serious disease, that old age was going to claim her peacefully at some point in the distant future. So when I found out that she was terminally ill and only had a few days to live, it came as a terrible shock squared.

In the midst of the emotional turmoil that was Twila’s final days, there was one particular detail that managed to stand out. - Twila had no doubt that we, humans, were going to make everything better. When Christina told Twila that she was really sick, Twila’s reaction appeared calm, almost dismissive. “Let’s fix it!” she said. And then Christina had to tell her that there was absolutely nothing we could do. That was when Twila appeared very confused, and I fell apart completely.

But this is also why I’m so thankful for having had Christina’s help and support. When our vet was getting ready to give Twila her last shot just a few short days later, Twila knew WHY. Was she ready? – No, I don’t think so. There just wasn’t enough time to get ready, she was getting too sick too quickly. But she knew WHY we were letting her go. And for that, Christina, I am eternally grateful.

Twila was a very special dog. Through the many negatives that had made up her early life, she emerged still kind, loving, patient, and trusting. After she was gone, I started searching for that one emotion, one thought that prevailed, that defined my feelings toward Twila. It didn’t take long to find: Twila, knowing you was a Very Humbling experience. Thank you for being a part of my life.

And Christina, thank you for always being there for us. Yet again, you guided us all through a tragic situation. You prevented the shock of misunderstanding that otherwise could have become Twila’s eternal puzzle."   -- Olga

Ringo  2000 - 2013

"Ringo was really a unique (and different) cat. He always would be on the window when my car came up the driveway and in my face when he heard the cereal box or saw the coffee pot because he knew that MILK was next! He LOVED to drink fact milk was the only food he would eat these last days. This is a picture from my neighbor's yard. It turned out that Ringo liked catnip too, but unlike Milos had to be carried to the source. After I took him there, he would hang out in the yard. You can see his tail.....and why he got his name!"  -- Tami