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It always helps to ask your animal when you need to know what’s going on. My conversation with Dean was the shortest animal communication I’d ever had, but got to the root of the problem immediately. That’s Dean to the right; he's a cutie.


A sleep-deprived Hailey contacted me after not having had a good night’s sleep for 2 months, because Dean kept waking them up at 3am every night. He would be whining, and usually she could tuck him, talk to him, and he’d fall asleep again until 5:30, a wake-up time that was okay.


Matt would stay up until midnight to feed Dean, but the little dachshund still woke up at 3am. They were perplexed and tired. So, I asked Dean why he was waking up in the middle of the night.


“I’m hungry,” replied Dean.


Hailey asked me to find out if something else was bothering Dean.


His reply to me: “I’m hungry.”


We had our answer. I suggested that Dean needed more protein. Hailey explained that Dean had been on a vegetarian diet, because he gains weight so easily, more than his tiny frame can carry. They were feeding him as much as they could, but Hailey decided to try adding either hard-boiled egg or shredded chicken to his midnight meal.


The next morning I was delighted to receive an email from Hailey saying that Dean had slept through the night! And continues to do so. Adding the protein really helped.


Hailey became very proactive then and made an appointment with Dean’s vet to see if they could feed him a bit more, but the vet said he didn’t recommend it as Dean was at the maximum weight that was good for him. Dean didn’t need to be on the vegetarian food, because he showed no evidence of crystals in his urine that their previous vet said were there.


The vet suggested a new food called Fit and Trim by Orijen (no added salt) and cooked, frozen vegetables like broccoli, green beans, and cauliflower which Dean loves; and these vegetables will help Dean to feel full and are easy to digest. 


Everyone is now sleeping so much better. The lower photo shows Dean asleep and tucked in with his buddy Parker.


All is well once again.

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Jul 7, 2017