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Finding the right buddy for your animal companion can be quite a challenge. Something that would seem so easy can turn out quite differently than one expects. If you think an animal would be perfect, then your pet will love them, too, right?


Unfortunately, for Dusty and Charlie, it just did not work out.


Last month’s ‘Tail’ focused on Charlie. Regina felt her elder cat Dusty was lonely spending so much time by himself while she was at work. After interacting with and observing Charlie at the rescue over several visits, Regina felt she’d found the perfect friend for Dusty and brought him home.


Everything started falling apart immediately. Charlie wasn’t eating and was throwing up. Regina was rushing him to the vet frequently. I was afraid that he would die of a broken heart so I did an emergency shamanic journey for Charlie which turned him around. He began to eat and became more playful.


Dusty as you can see by his eyes in the top photo was angry and began to snub Regina. Dusty is 15 years old and has some health issues whereas Charlie was 8 months old and an extremely playful kitty. Older cats like Dusty do not want a kitten bouncing around and pouncing on them.


I’ve dealt with this issue many times, not only with cats, but also with dogs and horses. Dogs are pack animals so they more often will adjust well, but a dog also can be very jealous and not want to share you. Horses are herd animals, but even they can be very jealous and not tolerate a newcomer. 


Regina was so distraught and upset by the change in Dusty’s behavior towards her. She didn’t want to return Charlie to the rescue, but she couldn’t stand seeing Dusty angry, unhappy and growling. With his health issues, who knew how long she and Dusty would have together?


Both cats started throwing up at this point, because the situation was so stressful. Regina herself was suffering from stress and anxiety. She realized that she would have to return Charlie for the benefit of all three of them. 


I spoke with Charlie and let him know that he was a good kitty and would find a new home soon. With his broken heart healed, he would adjust better in his next home.


The bottom photo shows Dusty snuggling up to Regina again after Charlie’s departure. Dusty is content and no longer throwing up. Regina worries over Charlie, but knows she did the right thing. 


It’s best to admit something is not working out rather than forcing it to work or living with it. Charlie will find just the right home in good time. He’s a great little guy with lots of personality.


If you’re thinking your animal needs a buddy, let me ask them for you. Most animals I’ve asked feel that everything is just fine the way it is. If your animal is older, change is harder for them to cope with, too. Keep that in mind.


If you want to go ahead and bring a new animal into the family, I suggest fostering or a weekend sleepover to see how everyone gets long. A new friend can be well worth it, but requires caution as Regina discovered.



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Jun 5, 2017