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When I hear the words ‘devotion’ and ‘commitment’ in relation to an animal, I immediately think of a dog. Dogs are "what can I do for you?" Cats are "what can you do for me?" These are generalizations, of course, but dogs and cats often have different agendas. Today you'll meet Bear, a devoted cat who honors his promises.


It had been 3 years since Debbie’s husband had passed away, and Bear had really changed. His behavior concerned Debbie as Bear had always been a playful cat, but no more. He had become serious and subdued. He was waking Debbie up 2 to 3 times a night, and often she’d wake up herself to find Bear staring intently at her.


Would I please speak to Bear?


My first thought was that Bear was grieving, but on speaking with him, I discovered that he felt his role had changed, and he had a new "job." Debbie told me it was as if “he was the man of the house” now.


Debbie and I began to suspect that at some point Debbie’s husband Robert had asked Bear to look after “his girls” for him when he was no longer there. Bear understood what he was being asked to do.


From that point on, Bear committed himself 100% to taking care of Debbie and her daughter. He would check on Debbie throughout the night and watch over her. Bear would sit on the chair in the front hall waiting for Debbie's daughter to come home after being out with friends in the evening. Bear was vigilant 24 hours a day.


For 3 years, Bear had not faltered. Robert would have been very proud of him, I said. Bear had kept his promise. I told him Debbie was grateful to Bear for helping her through such a difficult time. She would take care of all of them now, and she wanted Bear to resume his old role which meant he was to eat yummy food, take naps in the sun, play to his heart's content, and cuddle with Debbie and her daughter


After my conversation with Bear, Debbie reported that he became more playful. Bear has gradually relaxed and has been much better about checking on Debbie during the night, doing it less. The latter happened about 4 months after my conversation. Bear is continuing to relinquish his duties.


The two photos of Bear are pre- and post-conversation. Can you see the change in Bear's face and demeanor? What you are seeing is a subtle energy shift. 


Bear accomplished what was asked of him and honored his promise to Debbie’s husband. Bear is truly an extraordinary cat, don't you think?

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Jun 5, 2016