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Sweet Pookie


Never pass by an older animal when you are looking to adopt as you may just be walking by the love of your life. I'll let Barbara tell you in her own words of her meeting Pookie.


“I met Pookie less than a month after my cat Bennett died in 2015. I had brought left-over cat food to the shelter and asked to see her. I was interested in her because she was given up when she was ten years old and I knew she might never be adopted because of her age.   When we first met, I spoke with her and she clung to me, but it was too soon for me to adopt another cat.  


When I went back to get her, she was listless in her cage and in the carrier going home so I started talking to her. She perked up immediately. I chatted with her throughout the ride and during her introduction to the house until she climbed into my lap and put her paw close to my mouth letting me know it was time to stop.” 


Soon after her arrival Barbara asked me to come and visit Pookie. She wanted to know if the cat was happy in her new home. Pookie came out and walked over to Barbara, then looked at her very intently. It was obvious in her gaze that Pookie adored Barbara. She was sending a message of how grateful she was for Barbara having wanted her and given her such a wonderful home. It made me happy to relay Pookie’s feelings to Barbara.


Pookie then scampered upstairs. She was finished chatting. I closed my eyes and continued to speak to her as Barbara wanted Pookie to know how much she loved her and how her presence made Barbara happy. When I finally opened my eyes, I was surprised to see Pookie had come downstairs and was sitting across from me on the bottom landing. She walked over to Barbara and cuddled next to her. Both Pookie and Barbara were obviously happy being together.


Pookie had some health problems and was a bit overweight. She also had some issues with her back. I undertook a shamanic journey and Pookie’s back improved afterwards. I was also shown an exercise for Pookie and Barbara to do. Pookie was to lie on her back while Barbara bicycled her back legs, but Pookie was having none of that! Barbara, being the great cat “mom” she is has addressed all Pookie’s issues.


Pookie’s physical issues have cleared during her first year with Barbara.  She now eats only hypo-allergenic food including treats.  Her weight has dropped by two pounds which is healthy for a cat of her size.  Her dry, flaky skin is gone thanks to mixing fish oil in her dry food every day.  Her teeth have been cleaned. Her one reported physical problem – frequent constipation causing her to go outside the box – is the only pre-existing condition that hasn’t cleared up — yet. Here’s more in Barbara’s own words.


“Now, when I sit on the couch with my feet up, Pookie jumps up on me kneading my body and purring loudly while I stroke her fur. She sometimes also washes my hair. After the kneading and hair wash, she settles down next to me with my arm around her and rests. Sometimes she curls up next to me and we sleep back-to-back at night. At the vet, I hold her in my lap until the doctor walks into the examination room. We both like that. She also prefers I hold her while her temperature is taken.  


She was an indoor cat with her last family, but early this summer she let me know she wanted to be outside. Our backyard is fenced and she’s good about staying inside and looking out at the world through the gap between the bottom of the gate and the ground. I bring her in when I’m leaving the house or when it gets too hot for her to be outside. Sometimes she knows why I’ve come out and walks in on her own. She also lets me know when she is ready to come in.  


When we met with Christina, she told Pookie not to scratch the upholstered furniture.  After the visit, I noticed Pookie did so only when I wasn’t around. I now give her a treat every time she uses her scratching pad or scratching post. Knowing me well, she does a minimal amount of scratching and then looks at me to see if a treat is on its way. Some days we go through a lot of treats, but I haven’t seen any more damage to the furniture.  


We celebrate our first anniversary together this month.”


Pookie says, "Look at us. We want to go home, too."


Barbara and I hope when next you’re looking for an animal to adopt, you’ll not walk by a cat or dog because of its age. There’s a lot of love waiting just for you. 

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Sweet Pookie
Sep 5, 2016