Christina Montana
Animal Communicator
Shamanic Healing & Animals in Spirit



In addition to being gentle, my work is holistic -- working at the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual levels at the same time to maintain balance and well-being for your animal throughout our time working together.

 The sessions last approximately 45 minutes

The conversations are done in “real-time” which means myself, you, and your animal are conversing at the same time rather than my having the conversation, then phoning afterwards to tell you what transpired as many animal communicators do. 

 Working in "real-time" you receive immediate answers

We can steer the conversation in new directions as our chat unfolds, and you can observe your animal’s physical reactions as they answer the questions and respond.

 Sessions are conducted over the phone

It works over the phone, because I am working with energy which has no boundaries. If you have a speaker phone, plan to use it, but it is not necessary to a successful conversation. Please let me know in advance if you would like the conversation recorded.

Fewer clients = more quality time

I work with fewer clients at a time, but over a greater length of time to enable me to focus more quality time with you and your animal. 

 A note about Shamanic Journeys

I undertake a Shamanic Journey when an animal is suffering from serious emotional trauma and previous physical abuse and needs deep emotional healing. Following the Journey, I email you a detailed summary of the Journey which we will go over on the phone. Click here to learn more about my Shamanic Journeys.


Schedule Your Free 15-Minute Consult 

During the consult, we'll discuss the issues you are facing with your animal and the outcome you want. I'll answer your questions and make recommendations as to the best plan and how I would approach the issue. Then we'll determine together the scope, direction, intention, and result you want.  If I feel I am not the best person to assist you, I will make recommendations. Contact me to schedule your consult.


How to Prepare for Your Session

 Have a list of questions written down

Email me a photo of your animal

There is no need to email me your questions in advance, but please email me a photo of your animal prior to our scheduled conversation. Email photo. 

I can work with up to two animals during a session. More than that means each animal is not getting the attention I feel they deserve. We will devise a special plan for the larger, multi-pet households.