Christina Montana
Animal Communicator
Shamanic Healing & Animals in Spirit
Animal Whisperer & Animal Communication Animal Behavior

"When Your Animal is Happy, You're Happy . . ."


Need Help Solving a Pet's Behavior Problem?

Are Vets Unable to Find a Physical Reason for Your Animal's Illness?

Are You and Your Pet Facing End-of-Life Decisions?

Is Your Rescue Not Adjusting?

Has There Been a Sudden Change in Your Animal's Behavior?

Are You or a Pet Grieving the Loss of an Animal Companion?


An Approach Customized Just For Your Animal's Needs

Within the framework of the services and plans I offer, I adjust my approach to meet your animal's needs and your desired outcome throughout the process so that sessions are tailored specifically for your animal. This allows for greater flexibility so that I can use animal communication, emotional healing, floral essences, or shamanic healing whenever it seems appropriate.


When Will I See Results?

You’ll see results within minutes or hours after only one session. Lasting results, however, may take several sessions depending upon how long the problem has existed and how much trauma your animal has experienced.

Plans & Services