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The Big Sky Spirit & My Shamanic Work

Individual Shamanic Services

When doing Shamanic work for your animal, I tap into a universal energy source I call the Big Sky Spirit. The Big Sky Spirit supports my Shamanic Journeys to other realms and provides the space in which I work to effect the desired shift your animal needs to bring balance and harmony to them and to your relationship with them. 

 What is Shamanism?

Over tens of thousands of years ago, many cultures all over the world independently discovered the remarkably similar method of the Shamanic Journey for healing and problem-solving. Collectively, these methods are known as shamanism, a term that comes from a Siberian tribal word for its practitioners: shaman (pronounced SHAH-mahn.)

 Who is a Shaman?

“A Shaman is a type of medicine man or woman especially distinguished by the use of Journeys to hidden worlds otherwise mainly known through myth, dream, and near-death experiences. Most commonly they do this by entering an altered state of consciousness using a monotonous percussion sound such as a drum, riding the sound of the drum into non-ordinary reality.”  What is less well-known is that a shaman will have experienced a profound traumatic event which calls them to do this work. The quote comes from The Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

The Shamanic Journey

I journey to the beat of a drum from Taos which induces an altered state of consciousness during which I travel to alternate realities. There I am guided and shown what needs to happen to help your animal and undetake to perform whatever I am instructed to do. Working in a parallel world like this definitely impacts the life of your animal in this reality. It is powerful and transformative work. I have a Native American Shaman, a Siberian Shaman, and an Inuit Shaman who assist me in my shamanic work.

 From the Shaman's Viewpoint

For the Shamanic Practitioner, when your animal experiences a trauma, a part of their soul flees in an attempt to handle the experience. To make the animal healthy and whole again requires that I journey to alternate reality to locate the missing soul part and return it to your animal.

This is only one of many shamanic techniques available. My shamanic world has animal beings and wise teachers who guide me through myriad landscapes where the past, the present and the future exist simultaneously. Each Journey is unique to your animal and you.

The Shamanic Journey can heal trauma; shift ingrained behaviors; bring you messages from beyond; reveal shared past lives and new incarnations; and transform guilt and grief into peace-of-mind.

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