Christina Montana

For the past 17 years I have been communicating professionally with animals although I’ve heard their thoughts and sensed their feelings since I was a child. 
I answered their trust by committing to help them heal when they are unhappy, anxious, in pain, jealous, angry, bewildered, lonely, troubled, frightened, grieving or facing the end of their life. 
For animals who have suffered severe trauma, I call upon my shamanic abilities to effect healing for them at the deepest levels of their psyche to bring them to a place of peace. 
I am also certified to work with floral essences for emotional healing through the Bach Centre in England and am a Pet loss Counselor certified through the Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement.

An Animal Tail -- The Baby Oryx

I received an urgent request to talk to a baby Oryx recently born at Fossil Rim Conservation Center in Texas. Born to an older female who had no milk, he was not doing well. His keeper had had no success getting him to accept a bottle of special formula. 
When I lay down next to him, there was only a blank, dead look in his eye, and he didn’t even acknowledge my presence which was very disturbing. I feared he had given up, but I had no idea why. Immediately, I began talking to him urging him to please drink the milk from the bottle,  and it was at this precise moment that his mother spoke to me.
“Tell him to please drink the milk,” she pleaded.
“Little Baby, your mother wants you to drink the milk from the bottle,” I told him. She doesn’t have enough milk for you.”
Suddenly, I saw life animate his eyes, and with it came the realization that he’d believed his mother didn’t want him. Raising his wobbling head, he sent me one word, “Try.” 
And he did. The baby Oryx drank his first ounce of milk from the bottle which was the beginning of many ounces, and he and his mother were soon reunited.

Animal Communication

I offer an approach customized to meet your animal’s needs and your desired outcome. This allows for greater flexibility in that I can use animal communication, energy healing, shamanic techniques and/or floral essences for emotional healing. 
Every communication session is a therapeutic conversation designed to shift an animal’s behavior and feelings to a more positive place and is not unlike the work of a human therapist. Animals often “get it” much faster than humans.
I do not diagnose physical ailments or disease, but I can provide information about the physical state of your animal for your vet if they are open to receiving it.
The very first step is to contact me to schedule a free 15-minute-phone consult to discuss the issues you are dealing with and for me to determine if I am the best person to work with you. If it seems like a good match, we’ll schedule a session at the end of this consult. Contact me at or by phone at 703-946-6973.
You’ll see results within minutes to hours after the first session, but lasting results can take time and a series of sessions may be necessary to reach our goal. The time needed depends on how long the problem has existed and how much trauma your animal has experienced.
Sessions are conducted over the phone. If you have a speaker phone, plan to use it, but it is not necessary for a successful conversation. A session lasts between 30 to 40 minutes.
The conversations are done in real time which means myself, you and your animal are conversing at the same time rather than my having the conversation and phoning you afterwards to tell you what transpired.
There is no need for you to send your questions in advance, but please email me a photo of your animal before our first session.
Payment is in advance by check or through PayPal except in the case of a life-threatening emergency where time is of the essence.

Shamanic Healing for Trauma

Shamanism is an ancient healing technique tens of thousands of years old. Essentially I “journey” in a light trance state induced by a very specific drumming tempo which enables me to work in an alternate reality underlying our everyday world. 
It is in this place that I interact with power animals, energy healers, and elder shamans. It is powerful, transformative work yet gentle at the same time. Currently, I have a Native American Shaman, an Inuit Shaman, and a Siberian Shaman who assist me in my shamanic work. Working in this parallel world definitely impacts the life of your animal in this reality in a positive way.


My aim is to resolve any issues in a gentle, healing manner and attain the lasting shift and positive benefits you desire. My work is holistic in nature working on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life of your animal at the same time.

Animal Communication Session  $85

These sessions last from 30-40 minutes and are conducted over the phone. I schedule them after we have had a brief phone consult, and I have received payment.




Animal Communication Session  $65

This session is for existing clients whom I have worked with before. Let your animal know when they have vet appointments, a baby is coming, an upcoming vacation or move. All animals do much better when they know in advance what to expect. In addition to giving animals a head’s up, I can also fine tune the results of a full animal communication session.




Shamanic Journey  $155

Journeys are undertaken for animals who have been severely traumatized or abused. This work is healing at a very deep level and is done when an animal communication session will not heal the trauma and resulting behavior on its own. A written transcript of the journey is available for an additional $30 if you would like to have it.




Shamanic Journey with Transcript  $185



Animals in Spirit

It was my wanting to help a vet friend suffering through the loss of his beloved Jack Russell Terrier that led me to try a shamanic journey to attempt to talk to his “Jack.” I was stunned when it actually worked. Since then, every time I have stated my intention to speak with an animal in spirit before beginning a shamanic journey I am always taken to the same place — a beautiful meadow where I find the animal waiting.
After everything I have experienced over the years with clients and their animal companions, I have no doubt that animals go to heaven and that you will see your beloved animal companion again.

Shamanic Journey for Animals in Spirit $185

I always provide written transcripts of these journeys as clients like to read them over and over again. These are some of the most healing journeys I have undertaken.